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Captain’s Table run monthly events currently in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. For Recruitment Agency Owners, Leaders and Consultants.

You Can't Ask That!

Diversity and inclusion can seem like buzz words or the latest “thing” your HR clients like to discuss. 

Do you know what it really means in relation to neurodiversity?
 ‘You Can’t Ask That!’ will provide insight into the questions we can and can’t ask in the recruitment process. Do you know if your recruitment processes and staff are excluding the estimated 20% of the workforce that demonstrate neurodiverse traits – can you afford to miss out on them in this candidate-tight market?

By tapping into the neurodiverse talent pool, recruiters can access a wealth of skills and perspectives that can drive innovation & productivity. Hear from Vicky Little, National Manager, Quality and Practice at Specialisterne Australia 

Melbourne Event – SMAART Recruitment, Level 2, 385 Little Lonsdale Street,Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 

24th July 2024 @12noon

Sydney – Event will be recorded and sent to anyone registered for Sydney.


Recruiter Sales Boot Camp

A comprehensive 6 week recruiter sales course covering all the crucial aspects of sales for recruiters. This course is perfect as a refresh for experienced recruiters as it covers new techniques and automation and essential for those with limited experience. 

The way we generate business has changed and if you or your team are feeling a little lost as to where to start and how to get jobs of the board then this course is perfect to give you the confidence and skills to move the dial and get more business. 

With easy 3 hr sessions which won’t eat up too much of your week, the course will give you practical, real information and advice. The opportunity to ask questions and tools to apply real life situations each week. 

Course Overview:

Recruiter Sales Bootcamp

6-Week Program – 3-Hour Sessions Each Week

Week 1: Analyzing Current Issues, Conditions, and Barriers to Outcomes

Overview: Dive deep into the current market conditions, exploring the underlying causes and identifying specific challenges.

Week 2: Creating a Market Map of the Sector with Detailed Targets and Plans for Approach or Growth

Overview: Conduct a thorough analysis of existing client relationships and pinpoint ideal markets and clients.

Week 3: Polishing Soft Sales Skills Including Full Role Play Assessment

Overview: Evaluate and refine current sales skills through interactive role-playing exercises.

Week 4: Solution Sales Technique Guaranteed to Get to the Close

Overview: Master the SPIN technique to navigate prospects through a structured sales process leading to successful closings.

Week 5: Application Review – Addressing Issues, Barriers, and Skills Gaps

Overview: Apply learned techniques to real-world scenarios and address any encountered challenges.

Week 6: Assessing Skills and Signing Off on Sales Action Plan

Overview: Fully developed sales strategy action plan, feedback on participants’ progress.

Melbourne: In-person training.

Sydney: Hybrid model with live online and in-person sessions.

Other States: Live online sessions.

Any sessions missed can be viewed as a recording to paid participants.

Training by Adele Last

Our training will be led by Adele Last, MRCSA, a seasoned General Manager with extensive experience across multiple recruitment firms and sectors. Adele’s leadership in managing large recruitment teams and her active role on the Victorian Council for the RCSA highlight her deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence. Beyond her industry roles, Adele co-hosts the highly successful and widely followed “Recruitment New Australia” podcast with Ross Clennett, providing invaluable insights and news to the recruitment community.

Adele also brings her expertise to the next generation of recruiters through her internal training programs and the acclaimed Rookie Program, known for producing highly sought-after and skilled professionals. As the co-owner of Captain’s Table, Adele is offering this sales course at an exceptionally discounted rate, demonstrating her dedication to supporting and advancing the recruitment industry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected leaders and elevate your recruitment skills to new heights.

In-person training sessions will be conducted in Melbourne, while Sydney participants can join through a hybrid model that combines live online and in-person elements. For participants in other states, the training will be delivered entirely live online.

Our events bring us face to face.


Post COVID the human interaction is important. Getting face to face and coming together is what makes the industry strong and it's this interaction that allows us to build on our knowledge.


Connecting with others that share the same concerns, issues and experiences is one of the best reasons to attend our industry events. Sharing information and listening is the best way to grow.


From owners and CEO's to rookie recruiters there is something to be learnt from every event and each person you meet. We ensure our topics are relevant and presented by industry specialist who can educate. So that you come back with meaningful take-aways.

Ask us anything

Currently we are only conducting these events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane monthly. We are open to events in other states. Please email us if you are able to assist in setting up an industry event in your state.

Yes, we are happy to extend a 10 % discount for 10+ people in a team. Please email us for a special code to facilitate this.

The events are not currently recorded live but this will be a feature we roll out in 2024. We do make recordings of the events and this can be provided to ticket holders post event upon request. 

Most of the events are suitable for new recruiters and those learning the industry, it is an excellent opportunity to hear discussion about relevant topics from others in the industry. From time to time there will be topics that are more relevant to agency owners, business managers and financial leaders.

The information presented at Captain’s Table events is intended to be general and provided only for informational purposes. Attendees are advised that the content discussed by speakers does not constitute professional advice tailored to individual circumstances or businesses. While our speakers may share their insights and experiences, they do not make any claims or assert the effectiveness of their methods for your specific situation. Attendees are urged to exercise their discretion and seek professional advice relevant to their unique business needs and challenges. Captain’s Table and its speakers disclaim any liability for decisions made or actions based on the information presented during the events. By attending Captain’s Table events, attendees acknowledge and agree to these terms.

Absolutely, we welcome any suggestions or feedback on our events and would love to hear what you find important. Drop us a line.

Currently our tickets are sold through eventbrite. On this page we link to the booking page where you can book your place and pay securely online.

Sure, many of our events are topical for marketers, financial managers and suppliers to the industry. We welcome all interested.

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